Bir+Bir magazine

Issue 22

Interview by Altug Akin 
During our stay in Izmir, we had a very interesting talk with Mr Altug Akin, bir+bir journalist.
We discussed about the Greek Crisis and how people in Turkey follow the situation through local media feed. We shared our thoughts about design and culture in crisis time and the importance of the designers’s role. You can find the interview in Turkish. “Kriz Yunanca Bir Kelimedir”

Epsilon magazine

Issue 1087

Interview with Olga Petroulia 
«Fully respecting the very important heritage they carry from the past, the Greeks try to establish a new cultural identity that will help them overcome the problems caused by depression. Designers hold an essential role in the country’s creative and cultural development, so they choose to lead the way towards the achievement of this new identity.»

«Crisis: The ongoing depression that affects more countries everyday has inspired 50 top Greek Visual Communication Designers, with more than 1,240 international and national distinctions, to participate for the first time at a common exhibition, its sole aim being to convey a message of creativity to the World.»


An article about crisis is a greek word at +design online magazine.


By Gogo Voudouri
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By Kelly Fanarioti
An article about the “Crisis is a greek word” exhibition at metrogreece online magazine.