21 June - 07 July 2013


The second exhibition of the “Crisis is a greek word” project will be held at the SAMCA [Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art] as part of the Sofia Design week, 21-30 June 2013. Sofia Design Week (21-30 June) is an international festival for design and visual culture. It takes place every June in Sofia. It features a professional forum with prominent speakers from all over the world, as well as an extensive program of open events aimed at the broader audience –exhibitions, workshops, discussions, talks, screenings, parties, book openings, events for children, etc.

Sofia Design Week strives to serve as a platform which stimulates and supports the development of design professionals in Bulgaria. At the same time the festival aims to present and promote sustainable and sensible practices for better and beneficial visual environment from around the world.

The exhibition period will be from the 21st of June to the 7th of July 2013 included the artworks of the Greeks Visual Communication designers. The official opening ceremony of the exhibition will be on the 25th of June at 7.00 p.m

The building that is envisaged to house the Museum for Contemporary Art is situated in the South Park of Sofia, on a lawn between the Land & People Gallery (Museum of Crystals) and Hilton Hotel Complex.

The existing building being part of the ex-Sofia Armory Complex is a cultural monument built in late 19th century. The building is owned by the Ministry of Culture.

In parallel there is a call for Bulgarian designers to participate in an international poster competition on the subject of “the Greek crisis”. The winning poster will become part of the collection of the “Crisis is a Greek word” project, and travel around the world. The aim is to address the subject of “crisis” through/in design, bringing a message of creativity to the world. The competition is organized with the cooperation of the Edno. Edno is a platform for contemporary art, culture and way of life.

Edno supports and promotes contemporary culture by presenting in Bulgaria the world trends in art, music, design, architecture, performing arts, cinema, fashion –live, on paper, and online.

Edno is a lab for brave new ideas. A playground for artists of various genres, nationalities and generations. A corner where the spirited, open-minded and hip urban dwellers meet to have fun in Sofia just like they would in any other European capital.

The aim is to address the role of design in Greece and Bulgaria and bring a message of creativity to the world.