13-29 March 2013


The premier exhibition of the “Crisis is a greek word” project will be held at the faculty of the Fine Arts and Design, Dept of Visual Communication Design of the Izmir University of Economics. The exhibition period will be from the 13th of March to the 29th of March 2013 included the artworks of the Greeks Visual Communication designers.

In parallel there is a call for Turkish designers to participate in an international poster competition on the subject of ‘the Greek crisis’. The posters will be exhibited at the D-Block during the Spring Semester 2013. The winning poster will become part of the collection of the ‘Crisis is a Greek word’ project, and travel around the world. The aim is to address the subject of ‘crisis’ through/in design, bringing a message of creativity to the world.

Moreover, there is an one day event organized at the 29th of March for Turkish and Greek designers, researchers, scholars and anybody interested to discuss the issue of ‘crisis’ through/in design as well as real life experiences on the occasion of the travelling exhibition ‘Crisis is a Greek word’ hosted at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Izmir University of Economics (Turkey) in March 2013. The idea is to aid a deeper understanding of ‘crisis’ as a dynamic phenomenon through identifying its meaning, stages and forms it can take in the (design) world, and also obstacles and opportunities it creates. The aim is to address the role of design in Greece and Turkey and bring a message of creativity to the world. Three design teams from Greece (Asprimera, 2Yolk, Nomint) that participate in the exhibition, will open the floor with their current experience of living and working in a country in crisis, and welcome ideas for interactive happenings / workshops / seminars, and generally opportunities for co-creation during the event.