24-28 September 2014


Naoussa is the town where the organizing institution of the festival resides. Naoussa, a city in central Macedonia and municipality of prefecture Imathia is built at the foot of Vermio mountain.  

The city has a glorious history and a rich tradition. In February 1822, the citizens of Naoussa declared the revolution against the Turks. The rebels defeated the Turkish army of Kehagja Bey. For the first time a Turkish army was confronted by Greek rebels and lost. On 10th of April 1822 Naoussa fell. The Turks totally destroyed it. The last defenders were killed in Zafeiraki’s tower and the women and children preferred to fall in the waterfall of Arapitsa rather than fall in the hands of Turks. For this sacrifice Naoussa was nominated a “heroic city” along with Mesologgj, Souli and Arcade.  

Naoussa was liberated on 17th of October 1912 and since then, it has followed a rapid course of industrialisation, which was intensified after the end of   World War II and established the city as a model of growth. Particular growth was marked in the sector of textile industry, while a big part of workforce deals with the agriculture. Basic productions are apples, peaches, cherries and grapes, which give the wine of Name of Origin of Superior Quality of Naoussa.